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Installed Wall Safes
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locking medicine cabinet

Family Safety

Affordable, convenient access to everyday valuables in a secure wall vault. Restrict access to necessary prescription drugs, personal defense weapons, and provide peace of mind that your family is safe from potentially dangerous items. Provide exceptional security from burglary not only by securely locking away jewelry, cash/coins, collectables, passports, and creditcards; plus reduce the likelihood that these valuables are even detected by concealment behind a common piece of furniture organic to your homes decor.

Invitation to steal?

You just got an estimate for a home theater and you notice the big screen TV's missing? Unlikely... However, when's the last time the bug man was in the house and you didn't count your prescription pain-killer's on the bedside table, or inventory your jewelry box sitting on the dresser? Crimes of opportunity can turn a reasonable person into a petty thief in a heart beat...Absent doing a background check on everyone you let in your house, or watching their every move -your home is particularly vulnerable to contractors, deliverymen, exterminators, maids, cable guys, techies, and the like. I'm not saying they're ALL unscrupulous; I'm saying you invited them in and they could be... Maybe it's time for a wallsafe hidden from view of those you have enough faith in to let them in your home.

Elderly Target

How long have you lived in your neighborhood? 20+ years? It's probably changed a lot. Old friends seeking a change of climate, or downsizing after the kids have moved out with those houses becoming rentals or short-term homeowners. Long-time neighbors traveling more, older houses being razed and re-built; you notice less kids, more cars? These are all tell-tale signs that a neighborhood has evolved: That the population that has remained is older, somewhat frail, less aware of what's going on down-the-street.  Don't be an easy target for a criminal that is living in your neighborhood watching the comings and goings on a daily basis; they strike, and move on. The modern wall safe is perfect for such scenarios... the average dope fiend knows most seniors have lots of meds, the everyday thief will 'smash & grab' anything valuable they can pocket for quick cash, the common crook will indeed steal anything they can carry to the pawn shop for an easy payday -if they can get away before they're noticed... The best defense against thievery is awareness, the next best defense is they can't steal what they can't find (wall safe !), and the last defense is to slow them down long enough to get caught.