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Don't take a trip without a map...the benefits of Consulting
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diversion safes

Don't take a trip without a map...the benefits of Consulting

I'll be happy to walk your home with you and/or your contractor;
detail the build-out requirements, offer safe location ideas, suggest safe models, discuss safe interior amenities, and recommend concealment possibilities.
    Let us do all the footwork involved with finding the optimum safe, qualifying the contractors, coordinating logistics & shipping, instructing frame shop craftsmen... Every thing necessary to help your favorite contractor avoid all the pitfalls a wall safe remodel can suffer due to a fateful, first foray into the safe industry.
Retainer Required.
Service Call:    $65- first 20 min.
Consulting:     $100- each third of an hour thereafter...

Hide in plain sight

The convenience of a wall safe is that it's easily accessible, and at eye level. To add to it's protection, we recommend creating a diversion by hiding it in plain sight- this can be as simple as putting it in an obscure place, or behind a household object.
  How often you access your safe will help determine the type of mechanism you want to control the concealment covering your wall safe.  For example, if you're going into your safe a couple of times a year, you may choose a picture on a hook & wire; whereas if you intend on using your safe several times a week, you may opt for a concealment motion that utilizes glides or hinges.
  Look around your home for a picture, mirror, wall hanging, or piece of furniture that already matches your decor and we'll provide all the hardware necessary to conceal your new vault from view. 

  "The best concealment's are ones that look like they belong in your home."

  Concealment price is in addition to basic installation based on the size and shape of the concealment, and can only be priced after the concealment item has been provided.

  Hidden wall safes are no longer a luxury item; but an affordable, convenient, household appliance that insures your entire family, domestic help, close friends, or even perfect strangers, can't put their hands on what they can't find...

it takes a thief

No such thing as burglar proof. If a thief finds it; they can steal it. Anything man has built; can be un-built. Tools and time are the variables to burglary. In the case of a lockout, a locksmith opens your safe –he doesn’t pry into it, or blow it open- he breaks into it, with tools and as much time as he needs (by the [$] hour, I might add). If you’ve attracted a professional thief, there is little you can do. Firstly, he’ll break-in undetected, scope out your valuables, locate your safe, and exit with no visible sign of entry. He’ll purchase the same model safe, and he’ll learn how to open it in a matter of minutes. You’ll be left with a disabled alarm, dead pets, an open safe, no clues, and a defiant insurance agent. If your thief is one of opportunity, he might use your tools to try to open your safe. He may be so devoted to the safe that it may protect your other items as time runs out. To no avail, he’ll try to take the safe. The removal of a safe usually requires premeditation, a crew, a get-away vehicle, and is usually, an inside job. The only common denominator to burglary is: They can’t steal what they can’t find –even the professional. Robbery is an entirely different animal. Please don’t risk your life over items. However, if your safe is NOT found, you don’t have to admit to owning one.

Invitation to steal?

You just got an estimate for a home theater and you notice the big screen TV's missing? Unlikely... However, when's the last time the bug man was in the house and you didn't count your prescription pain-killer's on the bedside table, or inventory your jewelry box sitting on the dresser? Crimes of opportunity can turn a reasonable person into a petty thief in a heart beat...Absent doing a background check on everyone you let in your house, or watching their every move -your home is particularly vulnerable to contractors, deliverymen, exterminators, maids, cable guys, techies, and the like. I'm not saying they're ALL unscrupulous; I'm saying you invited them in and they could be... Maybe it's time for a wallsafe hidden from view of those you have enough faith in to let them in your home.

Home Security while you're away

 "Avoiding the Summertime Burglary Blues" by getting a home security system. WalletPop, an AOL Emag has an article with statistics by the Better Business Bureau that claims homes w/o a security system are 3 times more likely to have a break-in while you're away on vacation and that homes w/ a security system, on average, have losses of $400 less than comparable homes. That may all be well and good; however in this economy, EVERYBODY is susceptible to burglary. Therefore the best defense is that the crooks can't locate stuff to steal- like in a secured wall safe hidden for added protection. While the average burglary is in daylight hours and lasts only 9 minutes, the thieves know how much time they have to to grab your stuff and get away before security arrives; so you'll want to make it as difficult as possible to find your valuables and even harder to get at them. The added protection of a wall safe: They can't steal what they can't find.

This weekend in Metro ATL

Come see our most popular wall safes this weekend at the Eastman Gun Show. A wall safe IS quick access AND excellent child-proofing  for  handgun owners.  June 25 & 26 @ the North Atlanta Trade Center 1700 Jeurgens Ct., Norcross, Ga. Concealment clocks, gun magnets, bedside biddy's...all in stock!!  Look for us under the blue "Gun Safes" sign and operate the portrait of "Dogs Playin' Cards" cleverly concealling our best selling model!

Not just wall safes at the show...

We've added some really cool safes for cash&carry at this weekends Eastman Gun Show. June 4&5 at the Cobb County Civic Center 10am-5pm. 
In addition to displaying our most popular concealment vaults, we'll be exhibiting a diversion safe that looks like a can of salt and a mantle clock that conceals a handgun.
Also! we'll be introducing our BedBuddy, a handy rack to holster your handgun practically in  your bed. Whether you carry concealed or put your gun in your wall safe while you're away, the BedBuddy makes your pistol accessible for those serious bumps in the night!
All our displays are interactive; so feel free to touch, open, lock & unlock and try out all the cool stuff under the Gun Safes sign on the main floor. See ya @ the show!