Installed - Wall Safes
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Frequently asked questions about installation, concealment, and consulting.


Q: Do you have a retail location?
A: We offer a mobile showroom service- shop in your driveway, try out the different locks & we're there to install, same-day.

Q: How long does an installation take?
A: Usually about an hour. Locating a suitable wall takes up the most time.

Q: Are they fire-proof?
A: No such thing; safe industry double-talk. Fire resistant? yes- see our 'Fire Rated Wall Safes' page.

Q: I don't want the neighbors to know I'm getting a safe, what do you recommend?
A: We're very discrete. Unmarked trucks with tinted windows, plain wrapped boxes, punctual, quick turn-around times, haul away all our debris. No logos, uniforms, yard signs, neighborhood marketing, nor follow-up mailings. The fewer people that know about a safe- the better.

Q: Will there be dust?
A: Yes. We'll get up most of it; however, a variable amount of airborne particles will not surface for days. Any attempt to contain the dust is futile. After 2 or 3 days- vacuum.

Q: Do they come in larger sizes?
A: Some pre-manufactured "wall safes" are made without regard structural engineering, code compliance, or building standards; therefore cannot be installed without renovations. Our wall safe selections are designed to minimize remodeling costs in exchange for size & space,  provide a wide variety of lock choices, and completely recess for more concealment options. If you have deeper walls (2x6 studs, deadspace, HVAC chase, etc.) we have deeper safes- you just don't get quite the variety of lock(s).

Q: Do you offer a free estimate?
A: All the installation prices are on this website. Concealment prices cannot be determined until you supply the concealment object. We offer same day service from a mobile showroom, so we are there to install. The $65- service call is waived for any installation/concealment purchases and/or applied toward the retainer for concealment or consulting.

Q: Will you install a safe that I already have?
A: Most likely, No. Too many variables/models. Our trucks are set up for the wall safes we offer. Safes not conducive to your walls require extensive renovations and/or remodeling. We recommend our consulting service to help a novice contractor avoid costly miscalculations; See our 'Consultant' page.

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